Sale With Us


We are business sales experts with extensive knowledge in the business world, with the right training and network to sell your business


Is the key to executing a successful sale. We believe in following a steady process so you may sell your business in a smarter way. Every business is unique, using a combination of all available business related documents will usually provide the most realistic price you want to achieve in selling.


Is one of the most important features in buying businesses. The Information Memorandum (IM) is a comprehensive document that gives a detailed overview of the business, and provide all information needed by an investor to make informed decisions in a positive and appealing way


Either from online or offline is essential for our vendors. Having access to our database and effective marketing campaigns, we qualify every potential buyer who made enquiry. With hundreds of business for sale, we could convert buyers among different category to fit individual business on the market.

Sale and Settlement

We work closely with the business owner or their financial / legal teams to negotiate a conditional Sales and Purchase Agreement. We also work together to verify business information during a due diligence period where required to ensure there’s a smooth transition.

Thinking of Selling? Booking an Appraisal

At Momentum&Co Investment Group, our network are strategically placed to maximise the opportunity to connect with local, national and international buyers and reach the best possible sale price for your business.. With our years of combined sales experience and industry knowledge, you can be confident that we will give you an accurate market appraisal.

Interested in selling? We are here to help.